Buy Bitcoins Online Using Mobile Payment

Buy Bitcoins Using Mobile Payment

It is very easy to buy bitcoins using mobile payment as it is the case with any online transaction. Completing payment is as easy as accomplishing a few key strokes on your mobile device. There are several mobile payment solutions in the world. Some operate just within a specific country while others may cover multiple countries. In this post, we are going to briefly discuss how to buy bitcoins online in Cameroon using mobile payments.

Buy Bitcoins Online in Cameroon Using Mobile Payment

Currently, there are four different mobile payment services in Cameroon

  • Mobile Money (Operated by MTN)
  • Orange Money (Operated by Orange)
  • EU Mobile Money (Operated by Express Union)
  • Ecobank Rapidtransfer Mobile (Operated by Ecobank)

To buy bitcoins using mobile payment in Cameroon via any of the four options above, it is necessary to know exactly how each of them operates. You can know more by following the links above. Below is a brief overview of some similarities and differences.


While it is easy and straightforward to use these services nationally, support for international payments is still in progress. This is  especially true for Mobile Money and Orange Money, in the case of Cameroon. EU Mobile Money is probably the one with the least coverage (12 countries). However, international payments are highly supported within those countries. Ecobank Rapidtransfer mobile has the most coverage (33 countries) and it is quite easy to make transfers from any of those countries to another).

Phone Numbers

Since Mobile Money and Orange Money are operated by mobile phone networks, accounts are directly linked to mobile numbers offered by those networks. Creating an account is easy, but with the wide availability of Kiosks, most people who only plan to use the services for sending money simply do so at a kiosk using an authorized agent’s account. One can register an EU Mobile Money account with any phone number on any mobile network. It also runs kiosks but instead of using a customer’s PIN to validate withdrawals, an ID card is required.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Money and Orange Money do not required any mobile apps to fully use. They are easy to operate through a phones USSD menu. EU Mobile Money and Ecobank Rapidtransfer Mobile on the other hand require that a user installs their respective mobile apps on their mobile device.

Account Requirements

Anyone sending money via Ecobank Rapidtransfer Mobile can’t do so without an Ecobank account. A receiver, on the other hand does not require a bank account and can simply pick up payments at any Ecobank branch or agent location. This, however, is true if the sender carefully follows specific instructions for such an operation while using the mobile app to make the transfer.

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