Reload UBA Prepaid Visa Card Online

You can reload your UBA Prepaid Visa Card at any UBA branch or a UBA authorised agent. We are in no way affiliated with the United Bank for Africa (UBA) but can help reload you reload UBA prepaid Visa Card. The main advantage you have with our card reloading service is that you you reload your UBA Prepaid Card anywhere, anytime without without waiting for standard business hours or going to the bank.

Card Loading Instructions

  • Fill the form below, specifying the exact amount you want to reload and the correct UBA Prepaid Visa Card details.
  • Note that the maximum you can reload in one transaction using our service is 100,000 XAF. If you need more than that, complete one transaction before submitting the next.
  • Triple-check your information before submitting. We are NOT liable for any mistake you might make.
  • Decide which payment option you wish to use and submit payment plus loading fee of 2,000frs.

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Extra payment processing fees might be applicable depending on payment option chosen.

Your Order ID is UBA_Card_Load_1219. Make sure you provide it to customer service when inquiring about this order.

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